A Must Know Brief About Welcome Bonus At Online Casino

Online casinos have been around for a few decades now. But it is only in recent times that online casino has become a thing of immense popularity. This is large because online casinos are giving welcome bonuses and other incentives in the form of rewards to entice new players who want to try out the game and make their first wagers.

If you are planning on choosing an online casino or already playing, you must research before picking one. This is because there are a lot of judi online forums out there promising huge rewards via welcome bonuses and other incentives.

The catch is that you have to first sign up to claim these rewards. Since you might be tempted, we have come up with a list of the best online casino welcome bonuses you can choose from.

What Are The Benefits Of a Welcome Bonus To Online Gamblers?

A casino welcome bonus is a significant benefit for new players, for starters. This is particularly because the casino will take your wager amount as your deposit and get it back to you after hitting the casino specified wagering requirements of 25 times the initial deposit value.

When you are given a welcome bonus at an online casino, it means that they will give you a portion of your initial deposit as an incentive, and they believe that their game is just too good to pass up.

It also means that they believe that your potential as an online gambler is high, so why not venture into a world where there are no boundaries or limits? On top of that, this also means that there are more playrooms.

Different Types Of Welcome Bonus

  1. Welcome bonus:

The welcome bonus is the most common type of bonus given by the online casino to new players. This type is usually a percentage of the deposit amount given back to the player based on the wagering requirements.

  1. No deposit bonus:

With no deposit bonus, you can either play for free if you want to and collect all the winnings or withdraw at any time.

  1. Refer a friend:

This type of bonus is a little different from the other two. When you refer a friend to pick up a casino account, they will get 50% of the deposit amount back when they make their first wagering and deposit within 30 days of signing up. However, there are limits on how many friends they can refer to each player to qualify for this type of bonus.

  1. Deposit bonus:

With a deposit bonus, the online casino will give you a portion of your deposit back to you and then you can use the money as you see fit. This is usually given when a new player signs up at an online casino.

  1. Loyalty bonuses:

Loyalty bonuses can be given to players who have already been playing for a long time to encourage them to continue playing more at the same casino. There are different loyalty programs available from casinos, but the most familiar one is called “comps”.

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